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¡Los Bluegrass Vatos!

Eddie Collins

Banjo, guitar, mandolin & vocals

Eddie is considered one of today’s foremost instructors in the acoustic music field, specifically for 5-string banjo, flatpick and Travis style guitar and mandolin. He has authored more than 25 books and DVD courses designed to help all levels of players. As a professional musician he has appeared on stages in the USA & Europe and even performed for two Presidents and won an Academy of Country Music Award as part of the “Best House Band in the USA“ (1981). He won the Southern California Banjo Championship in 1985 and placed 2nd in the 1999 Texas State Banjo Contest.  Collins has appeared on 25+ recordings, including five solo CDs and has produced albums for several other artists.


Wes Green

Mandolin, guitar & vocals

Wes is an acclaimed Austin based musician whose primary instruments include mandolin, guitar & fiddle. In addition to performing in the Austin area regularly with bluegrass bands & singer/songwriters he has graced stages throughout the USA, Canada & Europe.  He has also contributed his talents to countless recording projects. He also teaches mandolin, guitar & fiddle.  


Seymour Guenther

Upright bass & vocals

Seymour is a multi-talented musician whose primary instruments are upright bass and guitar. He has toured/performed in the USA & Europe and participated in many recording projects. He also has a background in music management & booking.  He is familiar with all aspects of the record label business as he was employed by world famous Flying Fish Records for a number of years.  He also teaches yoga!  


Danny Santos: vocals & guitar 
Eddie Collins: guitar, banjo, mandolin 
Wes Green: mandolin & guitar 
Gerry Burns: upright bass 
Jeffrye Tveraas: guitar and/or percussion

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